Surfers Textbook


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The following section of work firstly deals with the various general applications that fibre reinforced plastics have been used for and the main reasons for their popular choice. Photographs have been used to illustrate some of the equipment used for FRP work in the boat building industry relating back to Section 3 Background Notes on Plastics. A number of practical projects involving the hand lay–up process have been presented along with examples of applications where FRP can be used to carry out repairs. They are ideal exercises for learning how to use some of the composite materials and could well be included in any teaching programs as an introduction before tackling larger challenges such as a moulded surf ski or canoe.
The selected projects include;
* Model surfboard
* Casting of chess pieces
* Laying up a serving tray
* Laying up heat mat / drink coasters
* Laying up a skateboard deck/ decorative panel
* Model boat
* Polyurethane sculpture
* Hand surfer
* Ice box
Choosing a mould for any type of lay-up is very important (the moulding will only be as good as the mould) and the major points to observe has been presented. This then leads into a description on the procedure involved in laying up watercraft such as a canoe or moulded surf ski.

Finally, common problems encountered when using FRP are closely looked at and remedies for the problems are provided.

The explanations on how to construct the smaller projects and the mould work involving the canoe are by no means a definitive step by step description, but more of a concluding section of work in this book to spark the reader’s imagination and arouse the creative interest in the use of these materials and processes.

It is anticipated that the skills and knowledge that has already been developed by the reader will be applied to such tasks as removing and repairing rust damage in cars (a common problem of many keen young surfers) to mould making. You may even want to get into experimenting with moulded surfboards!! More specific and detailed information can be found in the recommended books and other resources listed at the conclusion of this book.