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Bare Bones

Making and Repairing a Surfboard by 

Howard Jennar

Bare Bones

Making and Repairing a Surfboard

Bare Bones on making and repairing a surfboard or surf craft is based on The Surfer’s Textbook. It provides the basic information needed to tackle the project and or carry out repairs. It should be stressed however this is only a guide to the process.

It is also important to note that the issue of safety is only dealt with to a limited depth it is strongly  recommended reference is made to the Material Safety Data Sheets issued with chemicals such as catalyst (MEKP), resin, acetone etc. Similarly, additional reading including the manufacturers guidelines is needed when power equipment is to be used. Refer to the following disclaimer;  
The author Howard Jennar, the publisher HJ Surf Designs Pty Ltd their assigns, licensees and printers cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions contained herein nor liability for any loss to any person acting as a result of information contained in this book.  

Practical work can be dangerous. Always carefully read and follow safety instructions before handling materials or when using any hand or power equipment. As far as the methods and techniques mentioned, all statements, information and advice given are believed to be accurate. However, both the author, and the publisher cannot accept any legal liability for errors or omissions. All materials are to be strictly handled and used in accordance with the manufactures and suppliers recommended guidelines. If in doubt always, refer to Material Safety Data Sheets from the suppliers.  


Overview of making a surfboard

In order to make a surf craft and/or conduct general composite work, it is necessary to consider the following in this chronological order; 


    Work area requirements
    Safety Considerations
    Safety Audit
    Tools and equipment
    Designing / Surfboard characteristics
    Templates and material quantities
    Sourcing materials
    Shaping the foam
    Making a decal
    Laminating (Glassing)
    Attaching fins/plugs
    Filler coating and sanding
    Protec finish
    Repairing Techniques