From Joe Larkin making hollow plywood boards to the latest in computerised shaping technology.


From using green glass fibre with cut laps covered by resined pin-lines to using carbon fibre, epoxy resin and Protec spray finish. It’s all here and more.


Make other projects using glass fibre and resin or even carry out repairs to cars and household items. You will save the purchase cost when you repair your own board or even restore a classic to put on the wall.


This is truly a collector’s book which will sit on the coffee table for all to read and browse. 416 full colour A4 pages with over 1000 photographs. Do not miss out. Limited first edition copies.

The Surfers Textbook - Making a Surfboard

  • "What every surfer needs to know"

    Do you have a passion for surfing?

    The Surfer’s Textbook, written by a passionate surfer.

    "The most detailed information written on the making of surfboards and the development of the industry."

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